Compassionate Science

Complex systems science can reveal the root causes behind global humanitarian crises, and provide guidance for policy makers and stake holders seeking to solve them.

Ethnic Violence

NECSI research into the causes of ethnic violence have identified one factor that strongly predicts sectarian strife: the spatial geography of different cultural, religious and ethnic groups.


Increases in food prices have driven vulnerable populations to desperation. NECSI analysis reveals two main forces driving the global food price upward: ethanol conversion and speculation. This work has direct and immediate policy implications.


NECSI has begun a detailed analysis of the dynamic flow of money in economic systems. Our models can begin to guide monetary and fiscal policy towards sustained economic growth.


Rising costs, medical errors, and low quality in healthcare reflect problems with system organization. NECSI's healthcare systems research focuses on improving the structure of provider organizations: how to lower costs, improve preventative medicine, and enhance patient care—including dramatic reductions in medical errors.

Ending Pandemics

In the era of global connectivity, it is easier than ever for epidemics to spiral into pandemics. NECSI analysis shows how best to contain them.