2019 Fall PROGRAM

November 18-19, 2019 // Washington, DC

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Certificate program preparing leaders to anticipate, analyze and respond strategically to business problems in today’s world

The only constant in today’s world is change: change that constantly becomes more unpredictable, striking and rapid. Because of the increasing complexity of current business problems and their effects, traditional decision-making and strategy falls short.

Complex Systems Science (CSS) holds the key to success with a revolutionary framework to understand and react optimally to highly-dynamic scenarios. In two intense but enlightening days, obtain the only offered executive-focused introduction to CSS from NECSI, the leading research organization in the field.

When the unexpected occurs, you will be glad that you have Complex Systems Science and NECSI in your toolbox.

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Join a diverse group of leaders in gaining new skills and solving business challenges based on the latest in complexity science.



NECSI, based in Cambridge MA, is the leading non-profit research services organization in complex systems science. Our research has received wide media coverage and our findings have been critical to the success of various endeavors.



Yaneer Bar-Yam, NECSI’s president and one of the founders of Complex Systems Science, conducts the majority of the course as his expertise in the field is unrivaled. Guest speakers for the 2019 executive fall program will include Todd Veazie and Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Past guest speakers have included Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, Patrick M. Hughes, and John Sterman.



“I’ve seen the success of having complex systems frameworks and vocabulary as part of how we now talk about our business. I recommend that any management team working in today’s complex environment have training in complex systems.”

—Rob May, CEO & Founder of Talla

“I currently serve as a Board member of a company which just completed a project with NECSI. Using complex systems science, NECSI performed unique analytics and built a real time interactive visualization system in support of ongoing decision making with all kinds of benefits. The sophistication of the analysis was apparent in providing new actionable strategic insights about restructuring the operations generally as well as detailed operational guidance down to the level of individual customers and products for greater effectiveness and efficiency. Such analysis should be done by every major corporation.”

—Bob McDonald, Formed CEO of Procter & Gamble