Full Program (2 Courses + Certificate)

Full Program (2 Courses + Certificate)

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The Full Program consists of two complementary courses, Integrating Artificial & Human Intelligence and Reshaping Strategy in the Age of Data. Each course can stand alone, but together they form a potent and practical training experience for the executive leader.

May 6-10, 2019

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The Full Program consists of taking two courses over five intense days.

The Integrating Artificial & Human Intelligence course prepares leaders for the ongoing transformation of business and society, what the role of AI is in relation to human intelligence and how they integrate. NECSI will provide new tools for recognizing and handling complexity in business and practical guides to integrating AI and HI in products, organizational decision making, and addressing challenges from individual to global.

The course will cover:

  • The practical opportunities and risks of Artificial Intelligence

  • The complex systems science of Human and Artificial Intelligence

  • Differences between AI and HI

  • What AI and HI can and cannot do now and in the future

  • Individual, corporate and global implications

The Reshaping Strategy in the Age of Data course prepares leaders to think, anticipate, and respond strategically in a complex environment. Complexity science allows us to accurately predict real-world events and describe unintended consequences, dynamics, and emergent behaviors in real-world social systems. Learn how to harness this framework to extract the most important information from data for advanced decision making and innovation in organizations.

The course will cover: 

  • Identifying the leverage points to manage instability and risk

  • Strategies for framing actionable responses to achieve desired outcomes

  • Prediction at the limits of uncertainty

  • Understanding the implications of rapid global social and political change